One of the toughest challenges faced is understanding who is in your database, how your contacts are different, and then deciding how to best market to them. The best place to start is by grouping your contacts by similar characteristics, and then building a strategy for each group.

Define the topics and tone of the emails you send. (Example: if you segment your database based on industry, the way you talk to your leads in different industries can be significantly different.)

Plan your content strategy. (Example: if one valuable segment is under-represented in your existing database, you might create more blog content that appeals to that segment to attract more of those people to your website.)

Hone the messaging that appears on your website. (Example: Why not show the most appealing call-to-action to each particular segment.)

The First Dimension of Segmentation: Buyer Persona

What is buyer persona, exactly? Wikipedia sums it up well -

“Fictional characters created to represent the different buyer types within a targeted demographic, attitude and/or behaviour set that might engage with a site, brand or product in a similar way.”

The Second Dimension of Segmentation: Lifecycle Stage

Lifecycle stage refers to where in the buying process an individual lead or contact currently is.

For example, the conversation you should have with a new lead who you know nothing about should be very different from the kind of conversation you might have with an established sales opportunity who is considering a purchase in the near future.



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