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Account Based Marketing Software You Should Invest In

Account based marketing has taken over the B2B industry as one of the most powerful ways of generating leads and turning them into paying customers. Account based marketing, when done right, commands very high ROIs and synchronises marketing and sales activity in any organisation.The unrivaled benefits of account based marketing have driven many B2B organisations to invest in building the best account based marketing system possible. One area of account based marketing that has generated a lot of attention and investment is account based marketing software.

Account based marketing software/platforms are simply computer programs or applications that greatly facilitate account based marketing activities and strategies. An account based marketing platform is the oil that lubricates the engine of all other account based marketing activity.

The right account based marketing software can skyrocket your organisation’s ROI in unbelievable ways! Still, the software you invest in determines whether or not you get the most out of ABM. There are so many ABM software out there that it’s very easy to be confused at which to use. In this article, we’re going to be sharing some of the most effective ABM software in the B2B industry.


HubSpot is one of the most powerful software for effective account based marketing. HubSpot helps you achieve that delicate balance and symphony between sales and marketing activities. Equipped with a personalized CRM, HubSpot helps you manage key accounts easily. One of the most distinctive features of this piece of software is that it drives marketing effectiveness using a smooth inbound marketing methodology. With HubSpot you can manage all your accounts on one platform allowing you track each account effectively. HubSpot also brings together a variety of tools to facilitate each step of the ABM process.

Cost – From FREE/Month


If you’re looking for a tool for effective account targeting, personalized cross-channel engagement, and revenue based account analytics, you might want to consider Marketo. Marketo remains a very efficient tool for ABM. Marketo helps bring your revenue team under one umbrella so that account marketing activities are coordinated. With this software, you can engage the right people based on title, buying stage, and more, across different channels. One of the best features of Marketo is that it enables you to segment based on account score, this way, you easily prioritise and manage your resources for each account.

Cost – From $895/Month


Just as the name implies, Engagio is the go-to ABM software for driving account engagement. Engagio provides great marketing insight through tools that help you identify trending topics in your niche, as well as the content that prospective customers are most likely going to engage with. Engagio offers several analytic features including one that lets you gain lead intelligence through market insights, account-level insights and lead analysis. Engagio is also equipped with a predictive scoring feature that uses an automatic scoring metrics to help you see the behavior and engagement levels of your accounts.

Cost – Contact for price


Terminus is the tool to use if you’re looking for an ABM tool with an easy to understand user interface. The Terminus software targets users through a database of over 200 million B2B professionals with proprietary and cookie data. With terminus, you can identify important account personas and reach out to them directly via personal channels like mobile and social media. Terminus is equipped with features that help you monitor the sales funnel progression of each lead. You can also track account engagement through a weekly report generated by the Terminus software.

Cost – Contact for price


f you’re planning to focus on PPC as a channel for converting your leads, then you might want to consider Bizible. Bizible is a great a piece of marketing software for improving marketing ROI and getting the most out of your overall marketing activities. Bizible allow users to gain deep insight into how well their marketing activities are going through an ROI centered analytics feature. This tool is great for companies that have multiple users tracking the same account because it allows for a unified overview of analytics and campaign result by multiple users on its dashboard. Marketers can also use this tool to gather ample data about their marketing campaign reach and effectiveness.

Cost – Starting from $700/Month

In conclusion, you might still be wondering what specific tool you should invest in. The truth is that different businesses have different marketing needs. For instance, at Cloud10 Marketing, we’re all about account based inbound marketing so we use HubSpot to handle client ABM strategies because it offers the best inbound system in the market.

However, we also invest in several other software that offer other functionalities that we require in our day to day ABM operations. To get the best software for your company, you have to look into three key considerations; needs, price and features or you could just outsource your account based marketing!

At Cloud10 Marketing, we believe that the right software is 50% of successful account based marketing. This is exactly why we invest in innovative martech to ensure that our clients aren’t missing out on the best. Get in touch with us today to get started on setting up your ABM technology.   

Originally published September 07 2017, updated  February 07 2018 



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