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Cloud10 Marketing Announces Hubspot Partnership

Cloud10 Marketing are proud to announce the official addition of the worlds leading sales and inbound marketing platform, Hubspot to their portfolio. Announced this week, Cloud10 have become a fully fledged Hubspot Marketing Agency Partner in the UK, allowing them to focus further on the growth and development of global b2b clients in the emerging technology industry.

Following the announcement, Cloud10’s Managing Director and Founder, Anneka Hicks says, “Having been a huge advocate, avid user and general Hubspot expert personally in a number of roles over the last 7 years, I’ve seen first hand how, with the right set-up, support and managed strategy, companies have been able to see exponential growth from their sales and marketing efforts, making this a complete no-brainer for us and our clients here at Cloud 10 and a really natural progression for our portfolio.”

Hubspot is the world’s leading sales and inbound marketing platform and is passionate about helping ground breaking, thought-leading agencies like Cloud10 Marketing to build and grow their businesses with the aid of intelligent business automation and analytics.

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Having seen the platform develop as one of the first adopters of Hubspot in the UK whilst in previous roles for a hugely successful IT and telecoms reseller in 2010, and then having helped one of Hubspot largest global clientsdevelop their marketing portal to manage over 800,000 contacts, the Cloud10 'DreamTeam' also sit as a beta testers for Hubspot, and works closely with the development team to continually help identify areas for improvement and growth. 

As an experienced marketing technologist and growth-focused entrepreneurs herself, Anneka went on to explain how a product of this nature really does become the engine at the core of any company who uses it. “I’ve worked with many great Marketing Platforms through the years, but honestly have never come across such a powerful application that is so easy to adopt and adapt, or with such a focus on actual RESULTS.

"That’s why Hubspot really works for us and our clients – because RESULTS really is what we base our entire business on." Anneka Hicks - CEO & Founder, Cloud10 Marketing

It enables us to build a totally customised, fully integrated platform for our clients that really works for the WHOLE business, not just the marketing side. By including all aspects of email marketing, automation, social media, blogging, website management, CRM, paid search, Website analytics and content management, it offers 100% transparency across sales and marketing teams, 360degree visibility for all levels of the business and accurately measures and monitors results from multiple platforms, multiple campaigns and multiple pipelines, right through to physical sale and beyond. It’s genius really!

Following the announcement last month from Cloud10 Marketing, who have launched the first ABM Community of #FlipMyFunnel UK outside of the US, this is a team dedicated to offering emerging Marketing Technology for comanies serious about growth, keeping ahead of the industry by pushing the boundaries of the more traditional methodologies and combining them with leading technology platforms. 

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Cloud10, who are still within their first year of business, are confidently building a solid business and a growing customer base, with Hubspot now at the centre of their offering. Pulling together an expert team with a combined passion and expertise in both Account Based Marketing and Inbound Marketing, they're on a mission for success with a burning desire to succeed in building their clients businesses! 

If you are a b2b company looking to explore and grow your business effectively and efficiently with a team of experts able to advise, build and manage martech infrastructure in order to further align your sales and marketing efforts, then please feel free to visit our website www.cloud10marketing.co.uk

Join our FlipMyFunnel London Community and be first to find out about to find about our event updates here: https://www.meetup.com/FlipMyFunnel-Circle-London/

Originally published August 08 2017, updated February 07 2018



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