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The Real Value of ABM in the EMEA Marketplace - Part 1

Part I: Understanding the Value of Account Based Marketing 

Picture this scenario: your business is looking to expand overseas—either from a United States headquarters to EMEA or from the EMEA market to North America. You have a product or service that has done well in your domestic area, but you haven’t done much cross-continental marketing for it yet. Is it safe to assume that your marketing infrastructure can handle the burden of expanding overseas? 

In the vast majority of circumstances, the answer to that question is “No.” At Cloud10, we find that most of our tech vendors based overseas do not have the proper marketing infrastructure in the United States to support an effective go-to-market strategy. The same goes for our customers in North America that are considering the EMEA market.

The Challenge of Overseas

Expanding across oceans is a major business milestone that introduces a slew of new challenges. From cultural differences to language barriers, there is a reason that many businesses never make the intercontinental leap. Another major challenge, is that marketing just becomes unwieldy when the infrastructure becomes that big. When you are dealing with multiple routes to market (i.e. direct to end user, via distributors, etc.) as well as various countries, it becomes tough to manage marketing data and use it to improve your campaign. 

At Cloud10, many of our tech vendors also face the challenge of dealing with very large enterprises as their clients or leads. These companies have multiple domains, numerous sites, thousands of departments and dozens or even hundreds of decision makers. It is impossible to support this kind of vast marketing channel with a “one size fits all” approach.

What Your Business Can Gain from Account Based Marketing  

Luckily, it’s at these moments of challenge that account based marketing can be most beneficial. By using an ABM model, you can target your customers more effectively. Regardless of where your customers are or how many contacts you must go through to reach them, ABM can help you break down your marketing infrastructure into smaller and more manageable pieces. 

With ABM, you can assign different reseller partners or internal teams to specific types or groups of customers. This set up allows you to tailor your marketing approach to suit different leads, which can, in turn, result in much better conversion rates. Ditching the “one size fits all” approach will also make it easier for you to monitor where leads are in the conversion funnel and will eliminate unintended competition between your own resellers. Best of all, you can create a segmented ABM infrastructure without sacrificing consistency in branding. 

To illustrate what your business can gain from ABM, consider this anecdote from the Cloud10 annals. We were working with a United State-based company that had recently launched an EMEA marketing infrastructure. The company was reporting all its overseas marketing activity back to the U.S. headquarters. Let’s say the company reported 100 leads for one quarter of the year. The next quarter, they might say that 50 of those leads became opportunities and 10 of them converted to paying customers.

Eventually, this enterprise implemented an ABM model and started allocating different resellers to different groups of customers or leads. Quickly, it became evident that of the 100 leads that the EMEA resellers had reported back to the U.S. HQ, a third of them were duplicate companies that had been submitted by various resellers. The resellers had been inadvertently competing against each other for those leads, and the duplicate leads had also been padding the company’s reporting numbers. Take the duplicates out of the equation, and the company’s conversion rate starts looking much better: 66 leads, 30 opportunities, and ten conversions. 

In this case, not only did ABM create a more organised EMEA marketing infrastructure for the enterprise in question, but it also led to much more accurate reporting numbers. Since businesses in these situations make virtually all their decisions based on conversion rates and other similar data, it’s vital to make sure the data is accurate. ABM can accomplish that feat.

How Cloud10 Marketing Can Help

At Cloud10, we specialise in account-based marketing. We can help you take your quantity-over-quality lead generation strategy and turn it into an efficient quality-over-quantity ABM infrastructure. Whether you have the capacity to handle all your accounts internally or need to count on resellers to help create a more detailed and customised marketing approach for individual accounts, teaming up with us may just prove to be your first step. 

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The Cloud10 marketing team can help you throughout the entire ABM process. We can help you research individual accounts to learn which ones have the highest potential value to your brand. We can help you learn more about accounts and account decision makers, so that you can tailor your marketing approach to suit their wants, needs, and pain points. We can help you create the content that you need to reach your key accounts. We can even help you find and hire resellers that you need to flesh out your ABM infrastructure. 

Do you feel like your brand is missing the mark when reaching out and pitching to potential clients? Does your marketing infrastructure feel inadequate to handle the strains of a big expansion? If you need an ABM model to take your business to the next level, then Cloud10 is just the team to help you make it happen. Click here to contact us today. We’d be happy to tell you more about what our company does and why we are a valuable ally for building ABM campaigns.

Originally published July 18 2017, updated February 07 2018



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