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The Real Value of ABM in the EMEA Marketplace - Part 2

Part 2: How to Set up an Account Based Marketing Model for Your Business

In the first section of this article, we discussed the basic benefits of account based marketing for B2B enterprises. When your leads are huge companies with a slew of different decision makers and points of contact, you need to approach them with a very specific and very tailored marketing message. Building an ABM infrastructure for your business can help you reach your market more effectively, boost your conversion rate, and increase your revenues.

The big question now is what your company needs to do to launch a successful ABM model.

The Step-by-Step Process

Strong ABM models revolve around a few standard steps. In most cases, these key steps will be some variation of the following:

  1. Compiling a list of your leads

  2. Determining which accounts will provide the best opportunities for conversion

  3. Creating a map of contacts for each of those accounts

  4. Researching each account to develop tailored content or communications for different leads

  5. Reaching decision makers and building relationships through personal, tailored communications

  6. Making the sales pitch          

As you probably expected, this list is a very simplified overview of how ABM works. In every step, there are dozens of smaller steps that need doing before your team can move onto the next step. For instance, when compiling a list of your leads, you might use marketing and sales resources (as well as information from your resellers, if you are working with anyone) to make a comprehensive list of all the accounts your company is currently targeting.

Pulling these leads into a single list would allow you to cut duplicates and prioritise leads into multiple tiers. Since ABM requires a fair amount of research, you need to outline which accounts have the potential to be worth the most for your business. These accounts will go in the top tier and will get the most research, time and work. You will only have a few dozen accounts in this top tier—potentially even less, depending on the length of your leads list. Other accounts will filter into lower tiers based on potential value. You can then allocate your internal teams and resellers to each group to get started on research, create contact lists of key decision makers, and more.

How Cloud10 Marketing Can Help 

At Cloud10, we specialise in account-based marketing. We can help you take your quantity-over-quality lead generation strategy and turn it into an efficient quality-over-quantity ABM infrastructure. Whether you have the capacity to handle all your accounts internally or need to count on resellers to help create a more detailed and customised marketing approach for individual accounts, teaming up with us may just prove to be your first step. 

The Cloud10 marketing team can help you throughout the entire ABM process. We can help you research individual accounts to learn which ones have the highest potential value to your brand. We can help you learn more about accounts and account decision makers, so that you can tailor your marketing approach to suit their wants, needs, and pain points. We can help you create the content that you need to reach your key accounts. We can even help you find and hire resellers that you need to flesh out your ABM infrastructure. 

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Do you feel like your brand is missing the mark when reaching out and pitching to potential clients? Does your marketing infrastructure feel inadequate to handle the strains of a big expansion? If you need an ABM model to take your business to the next level, then Cloud10 is just the team to help you make it happen. Click here to contact us today. We’d be happy to tell you more about what our company does and why we are a valuable ally for building ABM campaigns.

Originally published August 04 2017, updated February 07 2018



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